Kierstin Goodnight

My experience with Alex was extraordinary! He has open communication with his clients and is very real with you. Never leads you down the wrong path to SOLD. He uses a professional photographer, which made my house look amazing and inviting. Before Alex, my home sat on the market for years with hardly any showings or interest. I was beyond frustrated. Alex came recommended from a family acquaintance. They said, “you will not be disappointed”. I have been told that before, I made other phone calls to relators who completely blew me off or never returned my call. I decided “what do I have to lose?”, so I made the call. The best decision and phone call I ever made. After working alongside Alex through this adventure of selling my 121 year old home I was not disappointed. He is so down to earth, fun, very professional, respectful, a go-getter, and he has the best communication skills I had experienced in all of my realtors (I had 4 before him). To wrap this up, call Alex Wolking at Keller Williams if you want your house sold!

— Kierstin Goodnight , Seller